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Own-Boat Tuition in the UK

With two decades of experience as an RYA Sail Training Instructor, Mark is available for own-boat-tuition in the UK. He's primarily active in the Solent and the South of England. If you'd like to read some testimonials from former students click here.

Jack D.jpg

Mark's a very kind and hugely competent instructor who was able to speak to the different skills and experiences of everyone on the course.


As well as being an excellent teacher, Mark has a wealth of knowledge about the sailing community and industry for those interested in getting to know more about it. Plus, he’s got enough good stories to make days with light winds or nights in the pub much more fun!

Terry C.jpg

Mark had a way of teaching that was natural and topical, by use of the amazing stories he has from his sailing career. He was always happy to answer questions even for the 2nd or 3rd time. 

- Great sailing knowledge both local and pretty much worldwide
- Natural teacher 
- Easy to get along with 
- Lets you make mistakes without endangering the boat or yourself, seeing if you notice and then correcting you if you don’t. 
- Willing to make a cup of tea or 5 
- Great stories


- Somehow has the best tan on a man from the midlands, during lockdown. 

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Shaun E.

Mark's an excellent instructor. And easy to get along with.


I was constantly impressed with how someone of his depth of knowledge and experience was so patient when teaching a complete novice! 

What former students have to say...

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