A shiny new website for you!

That's right. We've been busy improving upon our website to make it more interactive for sailors and people like you. Now, you can ask questions too!

From April, we are holding live streams where we'll present a short tutorial and then invite members to ask us questions. We have also set up a member's forum and plan to add more exciting content for members later this year.

In addition to the free stuff, we also offer;

Online One-to-One Tutorials on Zoom

Group Q&As via live streaming (on our website)

Member-only spaces where you can ask questions & share information

Own Boat Tuition for families & households

And, of course, we're still creating free video tutorials each week and will be posting them here and sharing them with you via email.

If you are not getting emails from us please check your spam folder and add the sender address to your address book, so as to ensure you see what we're sending out.

Thanks for following us. We'll be sending more free content soon.

In the meantime, please find below some FREE pro forma we thought you might find useful. Just download them and print them. You can amend them as necessary, to suit your needs.

Best regards,

Download PDF • 172KB
Download PDF • 131KB
Download PDF • 156KB

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