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Welcome to  This is a FREE online resource for sailors. I hope you find it useful.  As a small welcome gift, I've arranged for you to be able to download this two-page dynamic PDF Pre-Departure & Daily Engine Checklist, currently selling for £4.95, for FREE by using the 100% OFF discount code   WELCOME   at checkout. 


We have created some pro forma which we hope you will find useful as aide memoire when preparing for a voyage, etc. These documents cannot, by necessity, be entirely complete but they should help you build your own template or passage plan from a robust starting point.

The dynamic PDF Pro forma include;

  • Passage Planning Template

  • Pilotage Template

  • Pre-Departure & Engine Checklist

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Buy all three PDFs for just £14.95!

COPY and then APPLY CODE at checkout to buy all 3 x PDFs for £14.95

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Remember to check your email for confirmation of your subscription and add the sender address to your address book to stop emails going to junk mail. 

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Mark Burkes
RYA Yachtmaster Instructor

Sail safe!

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