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Own Boat Tuition

Boat Handling & Berthing

Many new skippers are nervous when they first start berthing their vessel, especially when the conditions are challenging or they are  shorthanded. We can help you learn how to 'park like a boss!' More info

Children on Fishing Boat

Shorthanded Sailing

Many a skipper relies upon a spouse and teenage children to crew their yacht. On a nice day sail, this can be a breeze, but what about when things go wrong? We can help you plan for things like 'skipper overboard' or reefing in bad weather. More info.

Sailing Time
Sail Boat

Passage making

If you're working towards an RYA Yachtmaster qualification, you'll need to build a portfolio of five passages of over 60 nm, two of them as skipper. We can accompany you on passage and help you build your practical skills. More Info


Atlantic Rally for Cruisers

Each year hundreds of sailors leave the Canary Islands to sail across the Atlantic Ocean and make landfall in the sailing nirvana of the West Indies. As an experienced ocean sailor with 250,000 miles and many ocean crossings, I am available to assist you in your passage. More info. 


Day Rates

Single Weekday (0800 - 1600)

2 Day Weekend (0800 Sat - 1600 Sunday)

3 Day Weekend (0800 Friday - 1600 Sunday)

3 Day Weekend (0800 Saturday - 1600 Monday)

5 Consecutive Weekdays (0800 Monday - 1600 Friday)

Atlantic Rally for Cruisers & Ocean Voyages






£160 per day

(minimum £1,950)

Food & Subsistence

Whilst on board, the client is responsible for providing all food & refreshments for the crew & instructor.  The instructor should be allocated a cabin when an overnight stay is necessary.

Travel Expenses & Disbursements

No travel costs are charged where vessels are based on the South Coast between Portsmouth & Weymouth. For locations outside this region, there is a flat travel cost of £35. Where flights are required, the client will cover agreed costs for flights, travel and parking plus any necessary hotel accommodation. In the event of a cancellation by the owner, any agreed expenses incurred by us will be payable to us by the owner, in full.

Liability Insurance

The instructor holds PI insurance. In addition, you should make sue that your vessel is insured for the proposed sailing area. When he instructor is on board, the owner remains the skipper of the vessel at all times.

Cancellation Policy

Either party may cancel a booking. If the vessel owner cancels a booking more than 21 days before the planned session is scheduled to begin, then no cancellation fee is due.

Cancellation 21 or more days*  - 100% of booking fee refundable

Cancellation less than 21 days* - 80% of booking fee refundable

Cancellation less than 14 days* - 50% of booking fee refundable

Cancellation less than 3 days*  - 25% of booking fee refundable

*If you rearrange or rebook a cancelled course within 3 months, we will discount that new booking by the amount of any lost booking fee, such discount to be capped at 20% of the new booking fee.

Day Rates
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