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PDF Templates for Download

If you're on this page, it's likely you've already purchased these downloads, but if not, here is another chance to access them. The cost from £4.95 per download. Of course, as templates, you can use them again and again once purchased.


Thank you for your custom. It really helps keep the website alive.

If you have an idea for anything else we could produce that might help you, please do let me know. Click here to contact me.

All the best. Sail safe!

Rookie Guide Solid.png

If you'd like to register interest in our Rookie Skipper Guides, simply click the button below and we'll email you as and when they become available.


Rookie Skipper Guides

I've been promising delivery of these short micro-courses on passage planning, pilotage, tides and IRPCS for nearly two years now. My apologies for the delay. Life keeps getting in the way!


The bad news is, they won't be available until later this year.


The good news is that they are going to be much more comprehensive courses than I initially expected.


I've decided to offer them on a subscription basis to members, which should make them much more accessible to those with limited spending power, and will also allow me to incorporate other member benefits such as access to vibrant forums with like-minded people and other premium content.


However, there will still be an outright purchase option for those that want to own the course forever - although purchased courses will not benefit from live updates and improvements through time. Something that will be available to premium subscribers.  


Rest assured, if you have registered to purchase, as of 5 April 2023, we will also still honour the pre-publication discount offered. We'll email you when the courses are ready.

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